10 Things No one should ever Post on Facebook

By: May Rostom
We’ve all regretted posting a certain piece of information or a subliminal message on Facebook, just like pressing the send button on the drunk text you sent to your ex last night. If only we had an article like this to warn us of such idiotic actions beforehand. Out of experience (whether my own or a friends’) here are the “NO-NOs” when it comes to Facebook posting:

1.Adele songs: Anything Adele- related means break up. Never post songs, statuses, or even wall posts about your most recent failed relationship. Although most of us think it’s “not really that obvious”, 95% of the time 100% of your friends can see right through your passive aggressiveness.

2.Friend hating: we all have that Facebook friend that we can’t wait to “unfriend” (even in real life). No matter what the situation is; keep it to yourself because two words: SCREEN SHOTS!

3.Over-sharing: some people just like to tap dance all over that share button. Whether it’s a link to their most recent written article (that’s me of course), their favorite Yao Ming meme, or a friend’s new business; nothing will stop the sharing hence causing what I like to call “severe unfriending syndrome”.

4.Celeb-Look-Alike: If you looked like a celebrity, you probably wouldn’t be wasting time on Facebook. Don’t take the damn quiz and spare us all the significant dissimilarity.

5.Misquoting: If you like a certain quote, make sure you know who you’re quoting before looking like a complete idiot. That applies to friends’ statuses too.

6.TMI: Posting about your kid’s playschool or favorite hangout is just an invitation to all the sexual predators of the internet world. Unless you want to get rid of your child of course.Image

7.ANYTHING from survey monkey: other than the fact that no one wants to EVER take a survey (especially in their free time); hackers can easily access information via these surveys to crack security questions and passwords.

8.Location, Location: Facebook accessed from certain mobiles; shares your location on every post you make. So avoid that insanely awkward moment when you have to explain to your boss why you were at Starbucks rather than on your desk!

9.Your number: DUH

10.TAGGED PICTURES: If it’s something you wouldn’t show your mum, don’t post it on Facebook! Especially ever since family members started joining Facebook.