Affirmative Action Plan is required to eliminate discrimination in NGOs

 Affirmative Action Plan is a program or policy of a firms or organizations that aims to eliminate discrimination by providing equal opportunities ,I feel after analyzing the despair educated youth of society that in NGOs and Govt sector the hiring of employees are on the basis of discrimination, which is the reason of violence in community  ..therefore To minimize violence, poverty, and to enhance quality of life it is need of the contemporary society,to develop affirmative action plan in NGOs, the heads of the NGOs must realize that in the past century the selections were on the basis of  Racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia , ethnic, cast, language, etc this is the reason today these NGOs are headed by a single cast, which bring unjust social, economic and political orders, These phenomena mutate, re-invent and continue to manifest themselves in contemporary societies, causing severe psychological scars and perpetuating deep inequality and poverty if appropriate affirmative action plan not taken on time, intolerance in youth will be rise. Which might be creating hindrances for the operations of these NGOs successfully, Therefore, this Programme of Action, is very important and need of the time for the global community in order to succeed…….the youth are willing to serve these NGOs on the basis of merit but unfortunately the ill tradition of hiring system keep them away to do so. Which bring despair in youth…  give your suggestions that how could we eliminate this system to bring equal employee opportunities  in these NGOs



2 thoughts on “Affirmative Action Plan is required to eliminate discrimination in NGOs

  1. this is need of the time …. its good to take action , the poeple of north are deprived from thr rights …. they r stakeholders of NGOs.

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