Two youths tortured to death in public in Sialkot

hief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry has slammed DPO Sialkot over torture and killings of the brothers and has summoned Secretary Establishment for action against the police. He said that brutal killings in presence of police is the height of lawlessness.

The Supreme Court has ordered the establishment division to suspend DPO Sialkot for failing to stop the merciless lynching of two teenage brothers in Sialkot.

Deputy commissioner Sialkot says that the charged mob killed the two brothers for injuring four people in a dispute during a cricket match.

The uncle of the two teenagers has said that his nephews were tortured for two hours. He said the police has admitted that his sons were lynched due to an enmity. He was talking to the media outside the Supreme Court building.

The court appointed former Judge Lahore High Court Kazim Malik as the inquiry officer. He will submit his report within seven days.

The Lahore High Court also conducted a suo moto notice hearing of the case and rejected the report of the police. But the court postponed further proceedings till the third of September because of the apex court’s suo moto notice of the same incident.

The two brothers, 18-year-old Moiz Butt and 16-year-old Muneeb Butt, were beaten to death by a mob after an alleged theft and murder in Sialkot on August 16.

Conflicting reports suggested that the victims had been involved in a robbery and murder that took place on Sunday.

Later the police have admitted that the teenagers had no criminal record, and that they had been killed due to enmity.

Fourteen policemen, including an SHO, have been suspended and further investigations are underway.

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