ASA calls for collaborative concious relief efforts

KARACHI, July 20: Attaabad Students Association (ASA), Karachi chapter has called for the all youth associations of Gilgit-Baltistan to drive collaborative efforts to induce authorities regarding rehabilitation process of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) on priority basis to push the reallocation of Upstream areas in the second phase. According to our correspondent, ASA convened a meeting of all youth associations on Monday evening. The meeting aimed to chalk out strategy to resolution rehabilitation process of affectees was attended by three major youth associations:Hunza-Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan Youth association and Gojal Ismaili Students Association, Karachi Chapter.

KARACHI: Representatives of youth and students associations of Gilgit Baltistan, on call of Attaabad Students Association vow to initiate conscious efforts for the rehebilitation of the affectees of Attaabad disaster. Image by: John

The envoys of associations criticized government’s show of relief to IDPs and urged for an effective mechanism leading to pressurize authorities for immediate rehabilitation. Speakers at the moment expressed serious concerns over empty promises by both federal and regional government officials as well as representatives that proved nothing but political slogans. Meanwhile, speakers identified issues rose out of post disaster scenario including IDP’s withered life at relief camps, financial burden that forced various families to entrust their children to numerous NGOs; besides psychological problems, affectees were uncertain of their future as red tap in bureaucracy and disgusting attitude on part of political leadership has added a fuel to their sufferings.
Representatives of these associations called on the other regional associations to join hand saying there was no reasons to wait further and cherish hope for any relief from government. Besides, participants demanded of authorities to involve educated youth in rehabilitation planning and execution andvowed to rise up united to preserve the interest of the people affected of disaster.


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