Experts to review spillway widening work

HUNZA: The inflow and outflow in Hunza Lake is almost equal as a team of experts will reach Gilgit Saturday to review spillway widening work.

According to Chairman of NDM General(R) Nadeem , a team of experts will reach Gilgit today to review the work of widening of spillway. He said that there are three big stones in the middle of the spillway. If these stones will be removed, water discharge could reach 15,000 to 20,000 cusecs, which will gradually reduce lake level.

Chairman NDM said dynamite will be used for the removal of the stones and government in this connection has completed precautions. About return of IDPs, General Nadeem said the decision about return of IDPs residing in low-lying areas will be taken reviewing the lake situation after removal of the stones.

Hunza affectees vow to continue widening spillway

HUNZA: The affectees of Attabad Lake announced to continue digging of water spillway on Friday to make it wider to allow quick flow of water from the landslide-created lake as inflow and outflow in the lake is almost equal.

DC Hunza Zafar Waqar said inflow into lake is 6400 cusecs and outflow is 6432 cusecs.

Meanwhile affectees of tehsil Gojal have announced to continue the digging of spillway to make it wider whereas Galmat administration has warned affectees that action will be taken against them if they violated the ban imposed to conduct any kind of activity near the lake and seized the boats if they try to reach the lake through boats.


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