Attabad Lake rises amid bad weather

HUNZA: The water level at a lake generated by natural disaster in Attabad area of Hunza is persistently rising, as it rose higher by one more inch today, Geo News reported Monday.

According to official sources, the glacier melting caused to further increase inflows into the Lake to 5600 cusecs with outflow standing at 5300 cusecs.

The Lake level mounted by seven inches as inflows into the Lake enhanced.

Meantime, helicopter service is feared to be discontinued today as Hunza is overcast with clouds and Gilgit is receiving showers today.

It was notified that Gilgit-Hunza section of Karakoram Highway will remain open till 4pm today and during this while, the transportation of relief goods will continue.

Flood threat looms as Lake water level rises

ISLAMABAD: Water level in the lake formed by a landslide in Hunza River is increasing again, creating fear of flooding among the people of Gojal tehsil. High temperatures in recent days have accelerated glacier melting, thus increasing inflow in the lake, Geo News reported while quoting sources on Sunday.

The swelling of lake has been attributed to the inadequacy of the spillway as less amount of water (5,100 cusec) is flowing through it against the inflow (5,400 cusec). As a result, water level in Gulmit and Shishkat has risen by 8 inches and water also entered a prominent hotel in Gulmit.

Experts have warned of further damage in residential and commercial areas upstream if the spillway, built at a cost of Rs 80 million, is not widened immediately.

Local people revealed that 200 houses, 135 shops and six hotels had already been submerged by water in Ayeenabad, Shishkat, Gulmit and Ghulkin. Muhammad Arman, a resident of Gulmit asked the authorities to act pro-actively to deal with the situation. Because of the situation, the local economy had been affected and the government should extend support to rehabilitate it, he said.

Muhammad Ali, a resident of Shishkat, said 80 percent of the villages had been submerged by water and the remaining areas faced the same threat. A resident of Ayeenabad said there was a lack of public transport in the area and asked the authorities to move families to camps in Aliabad. He said helicopter service was not enough and called for restarting the boat service.

Notices have been issued for the evacuation of five houses situated near the Lake in Gulmit. Quoting government sources, it said the lake water is making cuts near the Spillway; however, it is at slow pace.

On the contrary, Deputy Commissioner Hunza and Nager Zafar Waqar Taj said the current situation of Ataabad lake was normal and in control. He said the lake was receiving and discharging same amount of water, which stalled the spread of water in low-lying areas of Gojal. The inflow and outflow at the lake is 4600 cusecs, he added.

Taj further said the Hunza Gilgit section of Karakorum Highway, which was closed owing to bad weather conditions, is now open for traffic. Relief work was in full swing and the local administration was performing its duties efficiently. Attabad Disaster


One thought on “Attabad Lake rises amid bad weather

  1. realy i m depress to see the disasted our village. the govt ignore of attaabad people. we are pakistani we love pakistan and we requested to prime minister to rehabiltate and started new life…………………

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