Govt tried to cash in on Attabad Disaster

The victims of Attabad are still in camps their is no any proper measurement has seen for their rehabilitation The puppets of GB Assembly wastes time in useless debates and they make people fool by their shun rhetoric ,The Pakistani government deliberately prolonged steps to tackle the Attabad debris lake crisis in order to get donations in the name of the affected persons and misappropriate it.when relief items and donations gathered by civil society organizations and NGOs were reaching the affected people why the government failed to follow suit.Why they did not accepted china proposal? The artificial lake had become a game for the government which wanted to cash in on the miseries of the area people.GB government led by dummy chief minister Mehdi Shah was so incompetent that it was making hue and cry over the situation in a limited angle without knowing that if the lake burst it would cause widespread destruction not only in the Hunza Nagar area but also other parts of Gilgit-Baltistan.
In View of these situations the seasonal leaders of hunza who are hide till now are requested to get up for our rights


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