The PPP Gov’t disgrace the tradition of HUnza

It is not hide from any one that when Geological Survey of Pakistan had given this recommendation in September 2009 and FOCUS had given the report regarding the situation of Attabad in November 2003, 2007 and 2009 the Gov’t show their negligence, due to which we lost our families and belongings and it has displaced a number people, now living in camps.
we demanded judicial inquiry against the government of GB, FWO, NDMA and other responsible organizations for not being able to attain the planned 30 meter reduction in height of the lake barrier. Delays in resolution of the issues being faced by displaced people of Attabad Hunza have also been criticized by the members of GBLA.
We are not hungery and it is not our culture to begging in front of some one we reject the publicized Benazir Langar (a traditional  kitchen for beggars in Pakistan) on the name  of Late Benazir, and whatever money is planned for spending on kitchen has not been  released from Benazir Bank account, hence it is just their political showoff  by  Pakistani  govt. to make fool the world community,  that they  are helping, but its null and nonexistent. The aim of Langar is actually to disgrace the tradition of local people and to seek sympathy from international community. Neither the people of Hunza or Gilgit Baltistan are needed any alms on the name of a dead person like Benazir nor she has donated anything personally for this area and its population in her life time. We are afraid that government of Pakistan will use the misery of this region  to  seek  monetary help  from International community and most of that aid will  go in to the pockets of Zardari  group and finally their puppets in the area thus nothing will be given to the suffering people. We humbly request to the international community to give aid directly to the effected people not through the corrupt Disaster Management Mafia of Pakistan Military and civil regime, if the world community really wants to help the people. The way aid is distributed by the authorities, is corrupt and most needy people are always deprived. The world has experienced it once in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) in 2005 when earthquik hit that area. By keeping in mind the past experience and culture of Civil administration, world community should help the effected people directly.
I request to all youth if Hunza wake up and tell to the world that we are not beggars we demand to get our rights in civilized manner if the gov’t and people of Pakistan not getting us in this manner we have to tell them in another way in their language , we can not tolerate any more the rhetoric’s of gov’t they can not make us fool any more.


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