Lake rises by 2 feet; misery-hit people alarmed

GILGIT-BALTISTAN: The schedule of intermediate examinations still stand unchanged despite the imminent danger of massive flood in Gilgit, Hunza and Gojal; all the examinations will take place as per schedule.

The water level at the accident-accelerated Lake rose by two more feet; but, no extraordinary outpouring from the spillway was witnessed.

Spurred by the no-change water situation at the spillway, the miseries of the Gojal people are on the rise, as all the estimations and guesswork hitherto made by the experts regarding the outflow, seems to have proved wrong.

Meantime, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Chairman Lt-Gen (retd) Nadeem Ahmed said the Spillway was constructed on the estimates; however, seeing the overall situation, nothing could be said as the last word, as all upcoming circumstances are altogether hinged on the weather conditions.

Nadeem continued that all the steps taken up thus far would be of no use, if the weather did not make a turn to be conducive.

Yesterday night, the people in Shashkat were hugely panicked owing to the heavy landsliding. Also, the people in Gilgit are highly concerned ever since they heard the reports about the overflow from the Spillway.

However, according to the NDMA chief, the flood wave will be only 15-meter high when it will head for the Gilgit.

The Gilgit management is all geared up with the complete arrangements to tackle any emergency situatio

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Water flow continues from spillway

HUNZA: The water started flowing out from spillway of Attabad Lake with gradually increasing pressure, whereas dam burst could take 30 to 35 hours.

Ahmedabad village would be the first to get affected by the flood. Then the water would enter into villages of Gunesh and Shumair.

Later, Diamer and Kohistan areas of Gilgit would face the wrath of water before it flew into Tarbela Dam.

Chairman NDMA General Nadeem Ahmad told Geo News that spillway was built in the first phase and in the second phase; water has been started spilling through spillway.

He said initial spill of water will not be more than 300 cusecs, adding the rescue workers are ready to confront any situation.

Chairman NDMA said helicopters will roam in the area to keep an eye on the situation and prevent human losses. Evacuation has been completed from the area and announcements have been made from the mosques to stay at safer places.

In case of lake burst and flooding, Hunza will be the first to be affected followed by Nagar. Flooding could also damage parts of Karakoram Highway.